Application Services

Permit Counter
The permit counter is available for general questions, intake of applications, and picking up or paying for permits.  Permit specialists and reviewers for land use, residential buildings, right-of-way, storm water, and sanitary sewer are available Monday – Friday.  See hours of availability or email us your questions here.

Pre-Application Services
A pre-application meeting is recommended for large commercial projects, additions, and change of occupancy.  This includes new commercial buildings or uses such as industrial, mixed-use, restaurants, marijuana businesses, schools, daycares, and hospitals.  For more information about requesting services see the Pre-Application Requests Tip Sheet.

How do I submit a pre-application request?
Pre-application requests can be submitted online through our permitting portal Tacoma Permits (ACA).  Select the Permits tab, read/accept the disclaimer, then select Pre-Application Request.  Fill out the request form and attach concept drawings.  You will receive a response within 2 business days.

Under our current process, once the request is submitted and screened, an initial electronic review of the proposal will occur (includes review from multiple City departments and staff) and a comment memo is provided  based on that review within 1-2 weeks.  After that review is complete, and the comment memo is sent out, we can coordinate an in-person meeting as needed.

What to submit for a pre-application request
At minimum, a site plan with the proposed building footprint, a project proposal, and a list of questions should be submitted with every request.

From there, the documents needed for a productive preliminary review varies on a project-specific basis. Keep in mind that providing more detailed information will help reviewers provide more specific feedback.

The following is a list of common questions asked during the pre-application process and the associated information that we will likely need to be provided to us to be able to address those questions.

Is the use allowed?

  • Building Footprint
  • Description of use
  • Floor Plan Showing Areas of Operations

What will be required for off-site improvements?

  • Building Footprint
  • Addition / Tenant Improvement / New Building
  • Valuation of Work Proposed
  • Valuation of Existing Building

Does the design meet setbacks and land use design standards?

  • Building Footprint
  • Elevations
  • Areas of proposed landscaping

Parking Requirements

  • Building Footprint
  • Existing parking layout showing existing spaces and ADA spaces
  • Description of use
  • Areas of proposed landscaping

CAPO Requirements

  • Building Footprint
  • Reconnaissance Report
  • OHWM
  • Buffer Areas
  • Base Flood Elevation

Steep Slope Requirements

  • Building Footprint
  • Top of Slope and Dimension of Building from Top of Slope

Specific Stormwater Requirements

  • Stormwater Site Plan
  • Amount of new or replaced impervious surface

No questions. I’m just filling out the PRE to fulfill the PRE requirement of a BLA or Platting Requirement.

  • Proposed site plan

Can I receive City feedback without a meeting?
Yes.  Oftentimes, the electronic review and comment memo noted above can address most questions and result in a meeting not being necessary.