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All permits are reviewed electronically through our Tacoma Permits (ACA), Accela Citizen Access permitting portal.  Please see our most common links below for more information.

Requesting Pre-Application Services


  • The City of Tacoma recognizes that due to the specific nature of pre-application requests, there is a need to balance the public’s access to pre-application information with respect to potential negotiations associated with proposals that may not yet be finalized.
  • Our current policy for pre-application request records (PREs) is that a Public Disclosure Request (PDR) is needed for access to any information beyond what is shown via the Permits Dashboard mapping data provided via
  • Instructions for making a PDR request are available here:


Requests for pre-application services can be submitted online by the applicant (See Pre-Application Requests tip sheet)

  • Go to the Tacoma Permits (ACA) webpage
  • Log-in to your account  (If you have not registered for an account you will need to do so – see Getting Started Guide)
  • Select Permits
  • Read and check the disclaimer and select Continue Application
  • Select Pre-application Request
  • Fill out all available information and attach PDF documents

Once you have submitted your request, you will be contacted by staff (normally within two business days) with further instructions for your project.

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