*Inspection requests must be received by 3pm to be scheduled for the next day.*

How to…
Schedule inspections online at Tacoma Permits (ACA)
Schedule inspections by phone (253) 573-2587
Find out which inspection type is needed
Find out which inspector is assigned

View inspection history / results

Electrical Inspections
Contact Tacoma Public Utilities  directly at (253) 502-8277 to schedule electrical inspections.

To coordinate a time for your inspection (call between 7:30-8:30 the day of your inspection), see our Inspectors Tip Sheet to find your inspector name and contact information.

A lock-box may be used for the inspector to access the building, only if there are no personal possessions in the building or on the property (no furniture or any other belongings on the premises).  It is your responsibility to coordinate with your inspector on lock-box information.  You may do this by scheduling online or by coordinating with your inspector the morning of your inspection.