Public Notices

Welcome to the City of Tacoma Public Notices page. By clicking the image below you will be taken to a map that contains land use public notices and permit decisions issued by Planning and Development Services. If you need additional information about a project please e-mail the staff contact person at the e-mail address on the notice or call the Land Use Service Desk at 253-591-5030.
Land Use Map Image

Click the image to visit the interactive Land Use Map.


Using the Land Use Map

  • Land Use Notice locations are indicated by the colored circles on the map.
  • The Legend on the right lists out detailed information on all visible Land Use Notices.

  • The ‘Filter by Category’ drop down menu allows for easy navigation of record types
  • Changing the filter changes what records appear on the map and what is shown in the Legend

  • By clicking on a circle on the map you will be given a box that shows more information on the record.
  • Clicking ‘More information’ in the box will send you to the City of Tacoma’s Accela Customer Access (ACA) where you can see documents associated with the record.

  • The below image is a snapshot from Tacoma’s ACA Page.
  • By clicking the drop down ‘Record Info’ you can click the link ‘Attachments’.

  • Documents on file will be found here.
  • You can download or view the image by clicking the ‘Actions’ drop down on a specific file.
  • This is now the primary way to reach Land Use Documents.